Bill Sturtevant provides major and deferred gift consultation and training to a wide array of charitable organizations.   His services include consultations regarding the structuring and organizing of an effective major gifts program. He also assists staff and volunteers with the development and implementation of strategies for the cultivation and solicitation of major gift prospects.   He is renowned for his training sessions in relationship building fundraising which provide specific tools and roadmaps for successful major gifts fundraising. He provides training for staff, boards and professional organizations.  Bill's presentations vary from one hour addresses to half-day, full-day and two-day seminars.  


Bill offers webinars on all aspects of planned and major gifts fundraising. This can be especially valuable for national organizations with widely dispersed chapters and professionals. The webinars provide cost efficient training when compared to bringing participants to a central location. While the latter is important and impactful, coupling this approach with webinars generates a significant savings.   Any of the multiple topics can be broken down into webinar modules. The specifics of time, content and the spacing of webinar modules can be customized to fit the needs of the organization.   An example of an effective webinar series is a program consisting of seven sessions of two hours each. The sessions were held in the afternoon about three to four weeks apart. For each presentation, 15 minutes were allocated for questions and observations.


The topics were as follows:  

  * The dynamics of major gifts fundraising     

  * What motivates major gift donors and how to identify them     

  * Developing and implementing cultivation plans through Moves Management ™     

  * Securing the information you need through active listening     

  * Strategizing the "ask"     

  * Tips for making the "ask" and responding to objections     

  * Scripting the "ask" and making the close      

The webinars are conducted from a state-of-the-art studio. The participants dial in and view Bill and his PowerPoint presentation on split screen. Questions are submitted by email or voice. Handouts are provided to participants in advance of each session and they are referred to during the presentations.   Webinars are a proven concept for providing coaching and training designed to enhance planned and major gifts success for all types of charitable organizations.