William T. Sturtevant Sample Programs


What's New In Major Gifts Fundraising:  

Is there anything new in the quest for major gifts? There is! And it's important that you know. Find out where the field is now and what the future holds. There has never been a time of more dramatic change. You need to know how to anticipate the problems and opportunities - and come out a winner. 

The Anatomy Of a Major Gift:  

Discover the dynamics of prospect identification, cultivation, and solicitation - plus the role of stewardship as a cultivation tool in securing the big gift. Discover what makes major gifts different and how that affects our approach. 

The Marketing Of Major Gifts:  

The concepts of marketing are as vital to successful major gifts fundraising as they are to sound business practice. You'll discuss such strategies as institutional positioning, market segmentation, donor profiles, and gift options - and how they affect the exchange relationship. 

Managing The Major Gifts Process Through Moves Management(TM): 

A pragmatic, workable framework for managing the long-term relations involved in major gifts fundraising.  

 How the Moves Management(TM) system will assure your success 

 Cultivation: Ideas, techniques, and strategies 

 Matching strategy to giving capacity 

 Involving other partners in the process of cultivation 

Profiles Of Major Gift Prospects:  

What we know, and perhaps more importantly, what we don't know about special gift prospects. What really motivates donors? 

Determinants Of Success In Asking For The Gift:  

The key strategy decisions leading to the successful gift solicitation will be analyzed. These include: 

   Who Does The Asking? 

   For What? 

   How Much? 



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Where Asking For The Gift Fits With What We Do:  

More and more, the professional fundraiser is doing the asking. Is that as it should be? What percentage of the time should be spent asking? How do we fit together the primary tasks of Identifying, Cultivating, Asking, and Follow-up? 

Developing Prospect Strategies:  

The real art of major gifts is in the development of strategies. How do you develop the "touch?" 

Asking Psychology and Techniques:  

 Preparing for the ask 

 Reading the donor's needs 

 Satisfying donor expectations 

 Motivating and persuading 

 Getting the gift at the right level 

How To Make The Ask:  

The key determination of success in making a gift solicitation visit will be analyzed. This focus on the "art of the ask" will actually take you through the nuts-and-bolts of asking for the gift. 

 Things to remember about your prospects 

 Personal solicitation tips 

 "Rules of Thumb" and techniques for closing the gift 

 How to involve board members and volunteers 

 The key factors that will determine your success 

 How to script your solicitation 

Responding To Objections:  

Objections are important because they tell you where you are in the solicitation process. You need to understand what the prospect really means by a question or expressed concern. This session will provide you with techniques for responding to objections. An exercise will be of incalculable value to you in learning to interpret hidden meanings and messages. 

The Art Of Listening:  

Listening is probably the most vital skill in making the successful gift solicitation. Good listening can be learned and this session will give you much needed tools for success.